35 Before 35

I love to visit other blogs because you can pick up some very cool ideas. A lot of the blogs I follow have a section called "30 before 30" where they list 30 goals they want to achieve before they turn 30. Pretty cool, huh?

Since I'm turning 30 this August, there's no way I can accomplish all 30 goals before then. So, I will do "35 before 35". Why 35? It's a nice mid-range number and 40 just seems too far away. Lol!

35 Before 35
1. Visit Japan
2. Work up the nerve to ride a roller coaster
3. Read all of the classic novels that are on my Nook
4. Fall absolutely in love with my curly hair
5. Learn how to swim - without a life vest
6. Learn how to speak a foreign language
7. Become a "phone person"
8. Turn my Etsy shop into a success
9. Learn to accept compliments
10. Eat breakfast everyday
11. Say "I love you" to my family everyday
12. See my favorite K-pop boy band Big Bang live
13. Plant flowers in my yard without killing them :)
14. Read the whole Bible (I'm ashamed I haven't done this yet!)
15. Love me for myself
16. Accept the things that have been given me, good and bad
17. Take our sweet dog on more walks
18. Learn how to paint
19. Become a better housewife
20. Get a job as a dental assistant without my Tourette's getting in the way
21. Plan a date night for me and the hubby every week
22. Learn how to put on make-up
23. Take a walk everyday to clear my mind
24. Stop craving McDonald's french fries
25. Get a hamster. They are ADORABLE!
26. Be more patient about having children - they will come when we are both ready and the time is right
27. Write poetry again
28. Dance at least once a day
29. Become better at Smash Bros. Brawl so I can finally beat my husband
30. Become a better cook
31. Eat more vegetables and fiber
32. Get a massage at least every other month
33. Visit Italy
34. Do stretches everyday to become more flexible
35. Never let a day go by without being thankful


  1. Hi Celeste! I found your blog via Rosie from Craftbotic and I love this list!!! 35 before 35 pfff that is a lot.... I love your plan to visit Japan and learn how to swim you will have so much fun when you can swim!!! And the hamster! This is an easy 1 :) As for the take a walk everyday... maybe you could go for a walk everyday during lunch.. That is what I do and it really is easy and helps you clear your mind and relax for a few minutes. P.s. I need to know if you will succeed so you have a new follower!

    1. Thanks Lieke for the encouragement and the follow :) I will try my best to finish this list. I tried to swim without my life vest while on vacation and failed big time. I need to work on my fear of water/drowning first. Lol!

  2. Love this list. I hope you manage to accomplish them all. You'll have to share the secret for not craving McDonald's fries when you discover it. :) I might have to borrow this idea and do a 40 by 40 list. For some reason (maybe I'm just an older blogger than most?) I don't think I've seen any of those yet.

    1. Thanks Amy! Oh, their fries are so addictive! That might be one goal I can not accomplish. Lol! Yes, do a list. I would love to read it as a fellow 'older blogger'. Haha! There was one blogger who had a "19 before 19" list. Yep, that made me feel old...