Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hello cuties! Wasn't expecting to hear from me twice today, were you? Neither was I. But there is so much going on that I couldn't wait to tell you! I mean, like "laying in bed at night awake I'm so excited" couldn't wait to tell you. There are so really cool things that will be going on in the next few weeks that I wanted to share.

1) I opened a new shop on My shop on Etsy is still up, but I want to keep my options open to different avenues. I love it because I can decorate my storefront to look at colorful and cute as I want it to be. Now the good news...for my grand opening special, I'm offering 20% off any item in my store! Just use coupon code GRAND20 to get your discount during checkout. Click on the link below to check it out and let me know what you think!

2) I love Spring! It makes me feel like nature is giving us back the warmth and colors that make Earth so beautiful. So, in honor of this giving sensation, I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY real soon! Yay! Not sure what the prize (or prizes) will be yet, but I'm working on it. I'll post more info about the giveaway the more the plans come together, so you cuties look at for it!

3) I've been scratching my head thinking of new items to make and different ways to make them. So far I've come up with felt pins that are miniature versions of my felt plushies and other creations. I've also made new jewelry sets that look like my Blue Dahlia set, but in 8 new colors. I have light pink, white, latte, hot pink, neon green, red, black and yellow. Once I take pictures (hopefully tomorrow) I will post them up on Etsy and my storenvy shop.

4) Last but definitely not least, this month I'm doing a blog button swap with the beautiful Marilyn over at PulpSushi. You may have seen her blog button on the side, but was wondering what it was. She's incredibly talented, sweet, funny, and probably the main reason why I started blogging to begin with. Please give her blog button a click and enjoy a visit to her delightful blog. 

So, that's it! That's everything, I think, that's been keeping me up at night. Make sure to check out my new store, enjoy the 20% off discount, anticipate more info concerning the giveaway, look out for new product pictures, and make a visit over to PulpSushi to say hi to Marilyn. Later cuties!

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