Friday, May 18, 2012

Crazy Random Friday Fun!

Good morning! I have so much to share with you today. This will be a crazy random post full of Friday fun!

If you've never been a part of a 'blog hop', here's a great opportunity. This particular blog hop is being hosted by  two awesome blogs from Hawaii - What Jean Like and Local Sugar Hawaii. I signed up for the blog hop over at Salena's blog, A Little Piece of Me <---this should take you straight to the sign up page. 

Don't know what a blog hop is? It's basically a list of interesting blogs put together that you can visit and explore. Some of these blogs I would've never heard of if it wasn't for blog hops. So, if you have a blog, this is great chance to meet fellow bloggers and maybe gain more followers :)

This is an awesome idea! The same wonderful ladies that brought us the Bloggy Book Club have started another project. It's called "Be a Blog Angel". You can click on the button on my sidebar to sign up to participate and read the details. If you participate, for the whole month of June, you will be able to help out a fellow blogger in what ever area they need assistance in. It could be to make a blog button, topic ideas, group giveaway, how to work the social media monster, etc.

 But, at the same time, you will also have someone watching over your "blog back" helping you with areas that you need help with. The cool thing - it's not the same person that you are helping. It's a mystery! At the end of June, everyone will post who they help so you'll eventually find out who was your blog angel. So awesome!

I was so excited and thrilled when I found out that I was the guest post over at Katlyn's blog Dreamy Meadow! It's my first time EVER being featured on a fellow blog!  My guest post is the mushy-gushy story of how my cat Oreo inspires me. If you haven't read it yet on my blog, please head over to Dreamy Meadow and read it. While you're over there, say hi to Katlyn and follow her. She's the cutest thing :)

I know I told you guys that I wouldn't bring up my Etsy shop on this blog, but I need some opinions. Recently, as you know, I gave my shop a new name...which means a new look and items. I'm not too sure how it's looking over there. From a glance, would you buy something from my shop? Are the pictures clear enough? Are the prices too high? Too low? If you don't mind, could you hop on over there and let me know what you think. I don't mind constructive criticism, opinions, suggestions, or a 'job well done'. I would just like someone's thoughts that "outside looking in". Thanks a bunch :)


  1. Your prices are reasonable, and the banner and photos are very nice, cute, colorful!! I'm an Etsy addict ;-) I came by from Dreamy Meadow's post featuring you! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Lori! I really appreciate it. Glad you stopped by from Dreamy Meadow. Welcome :)