Friday, June 1, 2012


Hello everyone! Again things are looking a little different around here but this time it's permanent. I promise :) I had the lovely pleasure of having my blog re-done by a very beautiful, sweet, and talented lady. Sue over at As It Seems designed my blog and I couldn't love it any more than I already do! Please stop by her blog and say "hello"! She's pretty awesome!

As you notice, I have a navigation bar now and blog buttons. I'm so excited! Let me tell you a little bit about each section so you'll know where to look for what...and don't forget to grab a button :)

1. About Me - This is where you can learn a little more about me, my life, my hobbies, and whatever else. I'm hoping to post pictures so you guys can put faces to the ones I talk about (mainly my hubby).

2. Shop - For those who are interested in the clay charms and jewelry that I make, you can click on this link to take you straight to my Etsy shop "A Girl and Her Clay".

3. Recipes - I love to cook! I've had to love it more since I'm gluten-free now. This is where I will share some of the yummy gluten-free recipes that I find and try out. I also hope to share recipes that are not gluten-free.

4. D.I.Y's - I've always wanted to a D.I.Y's page and now I have it! This will either be projects that I've done or D.I.Y projects that I find cool from other bloggers.

5. Giveaways - Of course there'll be giveaways! Here is where to find the latest giveaway from my blog or from other blogs that I stumble upon.

6. Sponsor - I'm looking forward to having advertisement available on my blog. I want to start out with "button swapping" to gauge the interest.

7. Fun Randomness - This is where you'll find everything else. From cute pictures, funny jokes, inspirational'll never know what will pop up here!

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