Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blog Angel Reveal...FINALLY!!!

It's time for the August Blog Angel party to come to a close. Which only means one thing - you finally get to know who I've been 'stalking', I mean helping this month. Lol!

Everyone, it's a pleasure to introduce to you

Kelly blogs over at Miss Information. I'm telling you, this blog has it all! From recipes, to crafting, to decorating, and even cleaning tips, you'll find it all and enjoy it at Miss Information.

What Did I Do As Her Blog Angel?
Honestly, not much since her blog already has it going on! LOL! I did leave comments, placed her button on my blog and began following as many of her social media options that I could. I also entered her giveaway. To me, that was important. As a fellow blogger, I know what it's like to host a giveaway and feel like no one is interested enough to enter. So I entered and tweeted my excitement for her giveaway. Did I win? YES!!! What did I win? Free ad space for a month at By The Porchlight. Thank you Kelly for picking me :)

What Were Some of My Favorite Posts?
Parmesan Oven Fries
I LOVE french fries, especially if they are well seasoned. I haven't tried these yet, but believe me when I say I know what to do with the next bag of potatoes that come in my house!

How To Make a Recipe Page For Your Blog
I have always wanted create a page where I could put all the buttons to all the 'linky parties' I go to instead of cramming them all on the sidebar. Now, I know how. Kelly explains it in the best way - simply and with pictures.

Did I Enjoy Being a Blog Angel?
Well, of course I did! What could be better than discovering another blog and absolutely loving it! I'm not much of a fashion nut, so a fashion blog would do nothing for me. Sorry :( But give me a blog to read for a whole month that deals with cooking, crafting, and decorating...I'm one happy girl!

Would I Be a Blog Angel Again?
Yes, in a heart beat. It's so much fun getting to know not only different blogs, but the wonderful ladies behind them. Just from participating, the sweetheart that was my angel is now one of my really good bloggy buddies. I love her to pieces!

Hopefully I will be a blog angel for someone else in October :)


  1. LOL I was wondering if it was you, I keep seeing you pop up here and there. That is so funny you won the ad space and it was totally legit through Rafflecopter. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to getting to know your blog better!

    1. I should be telling you 'thank you'! I learned so much visiting your blog last month. It was kind of hard to help out since, like I said, your blog is all that and a bag of chips! LOL! I did enjoy the little things I was able to do and also getting to know you and your family through your post was nice :)

  2. That's awesome, thanks for spreading the word about Kelly. will most definitely check her our

    1. You're welcome :) Her blog really is a one that you need to put in your 'favorites' folder. Thanks for the follow :)

  3. Thanks so much for taking part and being one of my first early birds. You certainly lucked out on the match front. Well done you for participating so thoroughly.

    Rosie xx

  4. I'm so glad (for my sake) that you joined the Blog Angel program and I got to stalk you for a month. Have no fear, though, I plan to stick around.