Monday, April 30, 2012

Photo A Day for May

Hello there cuties! Do you like taking pictures or are interested in dabbling in photographing? Some wonderful person has come up with a "schedule" so to speak of taking a picture everyday for a month. When I visited A Creative Cookie's blog (great blog by the way!), she had up the schedule for the month of May. I forgot to do it last month so I'm going to try to participate in May.

The pictures you take don't have to be on a professional level. This is just to encourage everyone to get comfortable with a camera and have fun while taking pictures. There's a category for each day so everyday will be a different picture. I'll try to post my picture that I take each day. If you want to share your pictures also, please do! Let's encourage each other to do it. Below is the schedule for May along with a link to A Creative Cookie where I found it. Can't wait to get started and see your pictures. Later cuties :)

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