Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yukata Night at Wasabi!

I look like I'm in Japan!

Hello cuties! Hope everyone's weekend is coming to a safe and relaxing end before the hectic week begins. Yesterday, my husband and I met some of our dear friends at a local Japanese restaurant for fun and sushi. Of course if you're going to eat Japanese, you just have to wear a beautiful yukata! When we arrived we got a couple of  smiles and stares from fellow customers but the owners loved it! They loved it so much, they took pictures of us after we finished our meal. It was a lot of fun!

Here's our group picture. My husband and I are in the back near the pink parasol

The food was incredibly delicious! I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of what I ate (because I was too busy stuffing my face LOL!), but my husband took a picture of a unique roll. Two friends of our's, they're sisters, ordered the Dragon Roll. It truly was the show-stopper at the dinner table. 

The beautiful Dragon Roll. It tasted as good as it looked!

The presentation of the Dragon Roll was so unique, that our friends hesitated a little before digging in. So much detail was put into the design of this one roll. If you look closely at the dragon's mouth, it looks like it is breathing fire where they placed the ginger slices at. Very neat! No wonder sushi is called "edible art".

A close up of the "dragon's" head

Once we were finished with our meal, we went outside and took some pictures. It was a great way to end such a fun night. Besides family, there's nothing better than having true friends. They are the one's that you can just be yourself around and have the greatest of times with. This was our second time dressing in our yukata's to go eat at Wasabi. Something tells me that it won't be the last either! Later cuties!

Jacob and I in our yukata's. I had to put both of our's on and it wasn't easy :(

Us at the dinner table. Yes...I'm wearing a wig. I wanted to be in character.


  1. Looks like y'all had fun. :) Jacob was the only guy there? Is that Kelly and Allyson in the picture. I wish I didn't live so far away.

    1. We had a blast! Yes, that is Kelz and AJ with us. It was Kelz idea to get all of us together again. There was another guy there, he just wasn't in yukata to take the group shot.