Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5 Great Etsy Gifts For Clock Lovers!

When I was in school, I dreaded this clock. Not because it calculated how much longer I had to stay in school that day, but because it was so boring to look at. I mean really, if you want to keep kids engaged in their lessons, give them something better to keep time with than this boring old thing. Lol!

If you ever felt like I have, then enjoy these unique and colorful clocks I found on Etsy. I'm pretty sure that if one of these clocks were up in the classroom I was in, I would think my teacher was pretty cool.

Happy shopping :)

5 Great Etsy Gifts for Clock Lovers!
Reverse Time or Mirror Clock

Reverse Time or Mirror Clock - $24.00

Love birds Wall clock- birds on a branch green and pink clock  -unique gift- canvas clock- Decorative  hand painted Square clock

Love birds Wall clock - $30.00

Doctor Who Tardis - Recycled CD Clock

Doctor Who Tardis - Recycled CD Clock - $16.36

SUPER MARIO BROTHERS Spiral Dali Nautilis Mario Charactors 8 Bit 10 inch Resin Wall Clock Under 25.00

SUPER MARIO BROTHERS Spiral Clock - $24.99

vinyl wall clock - girl

vinyl wall clock - girl - $36.36


  1. My girls would freak out with the Tardis clock. I wonder if I could replicate it?

    1. Most definitely you could! Grab a CD or DVD you don't use anymore, a clock kit from the hobby store, and a Tardis template and you'll be good to go :)

  2. Wow...This is really nice Vinyl Wall Clocks gifts. I loved your design.