Friday, September 7, 2012

Change Can Be A WONDERFUL Thing!

Good morning everybody! Yep, I'm up and at them at 7:00 am which is pretty unusual for me. So as I always say, "If you can't sleep, get up and do something". 

My something this morning was reflecting on how my blog and Etsy shop has grown over the few months. I'm almost at 100 followers on here! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

 I love and appreciate all of you for sticking with me through the changes with this blog. I first started out as 'ChibiLolita's All Kinds of Cute' mainly promoting my shop. Then I changed it to 'Crazy Beautiful Unique' because I wanted to talk and share more with my readers than shop updates. Yeah, I still post stuff about my shop and Etsy in general, but I also talk about my life, my goals, and just craziness in general. Thank you again for sticking around and reading my posts. 

I'm thinking of doing a giveaway when I reach 100 followers! So exciting! If you want to contribute anything, that would be awesome. You can contact me at 

Making changes to my Etsy shop has brought about a multitude of sweet people opening their arms to embrace me and my items. My first shop concept was jewelry. I made beaded jewelry, earrings and necklaces mainly, trying to make a name for myself. Well, that was really hard. You see, everyone and their Mom sells jewelry on Etsy. Lol! And if a customer is loyal and comfortable with a certain seller, there's no way they will jump from that train to mine. So, I thought about it for months as to what exactly had to change. This is what I came up with:
1. Items offered in shop
2. Shop name
3. The way the photos look
4. More promotion

I went from making ordinary beaded jewelry to creating jewelry from polymer clay that completely reflects me. My shop named changed from 'ChibiLolita's All Kinds of Cute' to 'A Girl and Her Clay'. The new name is easier to find, easier to understand, and just makes plain sense. I changed the background for my photos from colorful paper to plain, white paper. This allows all the attention to be drawn to the item.


As for promotion, I opened up a Twitter account, created a business page for my shop on Facebook, and opened up a Pinterest account. Now when I post a new item, I can let my followers know on Twitter and Facebook and also 'pin' a picture of it on Pinterest. The results have been wonderful! I still have much work to do, but the changes I've made so far have worked out. 


  1. I love you're jewelery it's so cute! Congrats on almost 100 followers as well :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really excited to reach 100 :)Not sure what I want to do for a giveaway but I know I want it to be nice and fun for my readers to enjoy and get excited about!