Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Anniversary Surprise Video!

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for being missing in action, but I've been feeling pretty miserable these past few weeks. If it's not allergies, it's Tourette's, and if it's not that it's something else.

You remember me posting about the surprise my husband gave me for our anniversary? Well, my friend edited and posted the video to YouTube. Now, I can finally share it with you guys! I know a lot of stuff that goes on in this video will probably be lost on you guys if you don't watch the web show "It Your Kimchi" on YouTube. So, you just want to see my reaction to the Big Bang tickets, you can skip to 5:30 on the video. Hope you guys enjoy :)


  1. It's not everyday that a person can say they know the people in a You Tube video. I showed it to TJ and he was a bit puzzled. I tried to explain the best way I could. I have to say I was puzzled myself since I am not familiar with KPOP.

    It made me laugh, and I had to keep watching it to totally get it. I sent it to my cousin in Texas and she will probably be puzzled too.

    Gangsta Kitty?...but Oreo looks so cute and innocent.

  2. Hey there! Your guest post is up at my blog. I hope you're feeling OK--it's been a while since you've posted. x0x0