Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dressing Appropriately

Good afternoon cuties! I decided to work with the hubby today, so I'm outside washing windows at various businesses. Let me tell you, the windows are painted yellow due to the pollen. Yuck! So despite the pollen, I'm also fighting the heat. Speaking of heat, I have a question...why are people wearing SWEATERS in 72 degree weather? Yes, you read right - sweaters. I'm not talking about the cute, light sweaters. I mean thick, wool, "it's 40 below outside" sweaters. Come on people! You're making me hot and tired just looking at you. Lol! Let me know how people are dressing wear you are - weather appropriate or not? If not, please share why. Just curious if I'm missing out on the latest Spring fashion trend. Later cuties :)

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