Monday, May 7, 2012

Never Eat Leftovers That Set Out In The Car for 4 HOURS!!!!

Good afternoon cuties! Guess you've been wondering where I've been the past 3 to 4 days. Well, as the title of this post suggest, I got a hold to some bad food :( I've been sick in the bed since Thursday evening battling food poisoning. Not fun whatsoever! Please heed my warning - NEVER EAT LEFTOVERS THAT SET OUT IN THE CAR FOR 4 HOURS!!!

Of course when I first ate the food at the restaurant, it was fresh and delicious. So naturally I expected it to be the same the next day for lunch when I warmed it up. Except I didn't put into account that the food had been sitting in our car the whole time that we we're watching The Avengers. Oh boy! And to top it all off - it was fish. That's already a HUGE no no. I guess I can attribute my crazy decision making on lack of sleep the night before. 

But anyway, I'm on the way to feeling better and able to keep food down. YAY! I've missed you guys so much! Even through my bouts of horrible stomach cramps, I thought about you, what you were up to, and how I'm horrible for abandoning you guys these past few days. 
So, from the bottom of my little Southern heart:

Also, as you can imagine, you can't take pictures if you're clinging to the bed sheets wondering if you're about to die or not. LOL! The pain was that bad. So I've completely missed the past 3 days of the Photo A Day Challenge for May. Which I guess is fine considering the themes of those days:
Day 4 "Fun!" - Yeah right! Nothing is fun when you're sick.
Day 5 "Bird" - How can I take a picture of a bird outside when I couldn't even walk.
Day 6 "You" - I spared y'all and anyone else from that horror. LOL!

I will try my best to take the picture for today's theme "someone that inspires you". I already have my subject...I just have to get him to agree to take a photo to put on here. Hope you guys weekend was so much better than mine and if you're doing the photo challenge, you were able to keep up...unlike me :(
Later cuties :)

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