Friday, June 15, 2012

Shh....I'm a Secret Blog Angel!

About a month ago, I signed up to be a "Blog Angel" for the month of June. It's a way to help a fellow blogger secretly that was set up by Katlyn at Dreamy Meadow and Rosie at Craftbotic. It's been so much fun helping out and getting to know the blogger I was assigned to. Of course since it's a secret, I can't tell you guys who she is. I would hate for her to stumble upon this post and ruin the surprise before the end of the month. But I can share with you a little insight on my experience as a blog angel.

What have you learnt about yourself from helping another blogger?
Even though I'm new at this blogging gig, I can still help out someone who's been at it for a while. I might not know how to make blog buttons, but I do know how to leave comments. And trust me, us bloggers love it when our readers leave comments! So I've learned to never underestimate the talents I have, whether small or big, could help someone else.

How have you made time to help someone else out?
I try to visit her blog at least twice a week to see if there is anything I can help out with. So far, I've left comments and offered some items for a giveaway she's hosting. I really hope this doesn't give me  away :)

Have you been trying to work out who is helping you or are you more concerned with helping others?
In the beginning I did try to figure out who was helping me, but to no avail. That's probably my fault though. When I signed up to be a blog angel, one of the things I wanted help with was blog design and buttons. Well, a few weeks before the blog angel started, I was able to get all of that done complimentary by a fabulous lady named Sue. I apologize if this has frustrated my blog angel to no end. Maybe they're helping me in other areas that I just haven't noticed yet. Hmm...

How does being a Blog Angel affect your experience of blog land?
Blog land is so huge! LOL! For someone like me who is still kind of new to this, I'm loving the fact of meeting new people through the one blog that I'm helping. I'm not only getting to know her, but her sponsors, the people she sponsors, and other blogs that she likes. I'ts been awesome!


  1. This is awesome! Glad you are having fun being an angel! We are having round two in August with sign ups starting in July! I hope to see you there Celeste! :) Hope your Friday is delightful darling! xo

    1. Thanks Katlyn! I did see the button for July and August, so I'm thinking of signing up for both :) I hope your Friday is going delightful as well sweetie!

  2. Comments is what it's all about girl! :) Sounds like you're doing a great job!

    1. Thanks Kassi! That means a lot since that's really all I can do. Lol!

  3. Fantastic effort and so glad you were able to get your buttons sorted one way or another. I loved reading this. Well done!

    P.S. Sign up for August Blog Angels from 15th July!

    1. Me too. I just feel a little bad that I forgot that I asked for help with that from my blog angel. Hey, I saw free blog design and went for it! LOL! I'm planning on signing up cause it's so much fun :)